The Bailey Project

OUR MISSION: To Provide financial assistance for family pets in need of critical care

The Bailey Project
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About The Bailey Project

In July of 2012, Bailey was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital because he wasn't feeling well. It was determined that he had swallowed a large corncob and had done severe damage to his insides. After numerous procedures and multiple close calls, the amazing nurses, doctors and staff at VSH made it possible for Bailey to go home a healthy dog. During the nearly two weeks that Bailey was in the hospital, he met many other amazing friends who were able to receive life saving care and continue to live incredible lives to this day. Fortunately for Bailey, his family, of which he means more than words to, was able to afford the high costs that come with emergency care, but there are so many family's best friends who never have the chance. Had Bailey waited till the next morning for a regularly scheduled vet appointment, he very well may not have made it through the night.

Bailey wants to make sure that no family has to make the choice to not give one of the most important members of any household the care that is needed due to the cost. From this idea, The Bailey Project was founded to help families that have exhausted any and all means to financially admit their pets into emergency care to have a way to buy time and get their pets the immediate critical care that is needed. Please join Bailey and help make this possible by either gong to our donation page or by requesting to become a volunteer!

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